Alloy steel is carbon steel alloyed with one or more metal or non-metal elements that tend to change its mechanical properties. Alloy steel has two categories; high alloy steel which is considered to have a greater quantity of alloying elements and low alloy steel which has a lower quantity of alloying elements around 1%-5%. Different elements bring about various chemical, physical, and mechanical properties. These elements make the carbon steel harder, highly corrosion-resistant, stronger, easily formable, and weldable. They are used for several purposes including

  • Structural frames and sections
  • Girders
  • Rails
  • Flanges
  • Aircraft
  • Machinery
  • Boat propellers
  • Kitchen appliances and many more

Tool Steel has several grades out of which the most commonly used are 4140, 4340, 6150, and 8620. Titan Alloys stocks 4140 alloy steel flat bar and round bar in different sizes.