Steel is roll pressed at a very high temperature; usually above recrystallization temperature making it easy to work with and formed. The roll pressed steel is then cooled at room temperature resulting in non-uniform shrink and scaly surface. However, the scales can be removed by grinding, sand-blasting or pickling.

The hot rolled steel is considered suitable for structural applications as well as the applications that do not require extremely precise tolerances and shapes. Hot rolled steel is used for following applications:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Railroad tracks
  • Sheet metal
  • Construction projects
  • I-beams
  • Automotive/truck frames

Hot roll Steel is available in several grades including A36, A500, A513, A606/A588, A653, C1010, C1018, A1011, C1026, C1045, and C1141. You can order hot roll steel in any shape including angle, channel, flat bar, round bar, rectangle bar, square bar, tube, pipe, plate, diamond plate or tread plate, expanded metal, galvanized safety grating, bar grating, and wire mesh at Titan Alloys.